State Song of Florida

I Am Florida! The New Florida State Song  TO RECEIVE THE HISTORICAL 2013 DVD RECORDING OF THE NEW STATE SONG  (click here)

Vocalist: Walter “Clyde” Orange of the Commodores (See Below)

I Am Florida First Verse

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First Verse of the “Florida Ballad” I was born midst the eye of the hurricane, Beneath the cloudless blue sky amongst my Everglades My spirit rises through the joy and pain From the Seminole struggle that was not in vain Refrain: Leave behind your broken dreams. Be guided by my ocean’s breeze through my untamed wilderness, Full of love and forgiveness Then, stroll my streets of gold and silver. Along the banks of my St. Johns River. The Eagle flies and spreads its wings. We come together and sing. Where the young and the old have the same common goal To make me their home. I Am Florida! With my tropical breeze and my flowering trees. Surrounded by love. I am Florida! Second Verse:

From my deep blue oceans and their majestic waves to the Guardians of Florida… (There are three verses on the recording)  

The history behind the creation of the beautiful Florida Ballad, “I Am Florida!”

The ballad, “I Am Florida!” was produced and recorded by Walter “Clyde” Orange, Grammy Award winning songwriter and a vocalist and founding member of The Commodores, who have sold 48 million records! The composition of the ballad was co-written by Clyde Orange and assisted by Allen Autry, Sr. author of the poem “I Am Florida”.

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