I Am Florida!

The New Florida State Song 


Vocalist: Walter “Clyde” Orange of the Commodores
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I Am Florida First Verse
First Verse of the “Florida Ballad”

I was born midst the eye of the hurricane,
Beneath the cloudless blue sky amongst my Everglades
My spirit rises through the joy and pain
From the Seminole struggle that was not in vain

Leave behind your broken dreams.
Be guided by my ocean’s breeze through my untamed wilderness,
Full of love and forgiveness
Then, stroll my streets of gold and silver. Along the banks of my St. Johns River.
The Eagle flies and spreads its wings. We come together and sing.

Where the young and the old have the same common goal
To make me their home.
I Am Florida!

With my tropical breeze and my flowering trees.
Surrounded by love.
I am Florida!

Second Verse:
From my deep blue oceans and their majestic waves to the Guardians of Florida…

(There are three verses on the recording)


The history behind the creation of the beautiful Florida Ballad, “I Am Florida!”

The ballad, “I Am Florida!” was produced and recorded by Walter “Clyde” Orange, Grammy Award winning songwriter and a vocalist and founding member of The Commodores, who have sold 48 million records! The composition of the ballad was co-written by Clyde Orange and assisted by Allen Autry, Sr. author of the poem “I Am Florida”.

The Ballad was inspired by the lyrics of the Florida poem, “I Am Florida”, which was written by South Florida author Allen Autry, Sr. in 2010. The poem reflected Clyde’s deep love and affection for Florida, his birth place and home. Clyde was in agreement with the appraisal of Florida by the poem. In response, Clyde produced the Florida ballad, “I Am Florida” that reflects the beauty and history of the great state of Florida.

In between current national and worldwide Commodore concerts, Clyde Orange eventually completed the Florida Ballad and it has been approved as the new State Song in 2013 by the Florida State Senate. For Florida residents’ response to this potential Florida State Song, Clyde gave permission for the first verse of the recording to be posted on the “I Am Florida.org” website for Florida Residents to review.

Creating poignant and moving ballads is nothing new for Walter “Clyde” Orange. He is a founding member, lead vocalist, and principal lyricist of the internationally renowned group, The Commodores. The Commodores exploded on the music scene in the early 1970s and became one of the most celebrated and influential bands in the history of American popular music. Their soulful ballads and top charting dance songs remain popular throughout the world, as is evident from current sold-out Commodores concerts for American and international fans.

Clyde is a Grammy Award winning song writer with many platinum records to his credit. Among the classic songs Clyde wrote for The Commodores include “Brickhouse,” “Nightshift,” “Too Hot Ta Trot,” “Slippery When Wet,” and many others.

Clyde and his family love living in Florida. A native Floridian, Clyde has performed in every U.S. state and throughout the world, but he is devoted to his home state. Clyde is a long time resident of South Florida. He and his wife raised their children, and continue to reside in, Broward County Florida.

Clyde is an unsung hero in the world of charitable giving. Over the years, his humanitarian efforts have provided financial support to disadvantaged communities throughout the United States and abroad. For example, Clyde led The Commodores, in the Spring of 2011, to spend three weeks of their concert time in Alabama at the request of the governor to raise funds for those affected by the devastating tornados that hit the state in March of 2011. The Commodores donated all of their Alabama concert funds of two million dollars to the financially distressed Alabamians who lost their homes and possessions due to the natural disaster.

It comes as no surprise that Clyde has similar plans for the newly written ballad “I Am Florida”.

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