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The Current Florida Cabinet (2014)
Governor Rick Scott, Chief Financial Officer: Jeff Atwater
Attorney General: Pam Bondi, Commissioner of Agriculture: Adam Putnam

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Purchase and enjoy The NEW FLORIDA STATE SONG “I Am Florida” 

The Florida State Senate in 2013 recognized the New Florida State Song.

Allen Autry, Sr. requested to his Christian friend Walter “Clyde” Orange that Clyde have a song written to be named “I Am Florida” which is the same name of the approved Florida State Poem written by Allen Autry, Sr. The “New Florida State Song” is co-written and sung by Walter “Clyde” Orange, Grammy Award Winner and vocalist of the world famous musical group “The Commodores”, who have sold over 60 million records in the past 40 years. Allen Autry, Sr. requested and had the new song “I Am Florida” approved by The Florida Senate in 2013 as the State Song.

Walter “Clyde” Orange has been a lifetime resident of Florida, where he lives with Carla, his wife, and raised their children. Their children were educated in the State of Florida. Clyde was committed to developing a Florida State Song, which was strictly about the beauty of this state and the delight of living in Florida.


Allen Autry, Sr.

Allen Autry, Sr.

The Approved Florida State Poem, “I Am Florida”, written by Allen Autry, Sr. illustrates the reasons that millions of men and women, families and retired residents have made the beautiful state of Florida their home. Also, contained in the poem are major historical events which have contributed to the growth of Florida. The original Florida Poem, “I Am Florida”, was unanimously endorsed by Governor Crist and the Florida State Cabinet on October 12, 2010.

H. Allen Autry, Sr. also wrote the Christian book, “Miracle in a Small Mountain Town”(MIST), which was the number one Christian book in the USA for five weeks. Dr. O.S. Hawkins, the USA chairman of First Baptist Church, wrote the introduction for this religious book, because he had previously been the pastor of First Baptist Church in Fort Lauderdale and approved of the book written by Allen Autry. You can purchase MIST by checking “MIST” on the top of this website. You can receive a 50% discount on your purchase.

Click here to see and listen to the first verse of the new Florida State Song, which has beautiful pictures of Florida and emotional lyrics.

FLORIDA ELECTED OFFICERS: Remarks on the new Florida State Song “I Am Florida”

I Am Florida” was approved in 2013 as the new Florida State Song, based upon the Florida Poem, which is also named “I am Florida”.  The poem was written by    Allen Autry, Sr.  The new State Song describes why Florida is our beloved home state.  

I suggest that Florida organizations including businesses, charities, churches, schools and organizations check into the wholesale purchase of the new State Song for use with their customers, employees and friends. 

- Tom Gallagher, State CFO and Insurance Commissioner (Retired)

Part of the Florida Senate Resolution, May 2nd 2013:

Autry’s poem “I Am Florida” reflects Clyde Orange’s deep love and affection for his birthplace and home and so he composed the ballad, “I Am Florida” to lovingly reflect the beauty and history of this great state.

The ballad “I Am Florida” illustrates the reasons that millions of men and women, families and retired persons have made the state their home and references historical milestones that have contributed to the growth of this state.

“I Am Florida” is deserving of recognition as a great song honoring this state, NOW THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Senate of the State of Florida, that we recognize the ballad “I am Florida” written by Walter “Clyde” Orange.

- Don Gaetz, President of Florida State Senate


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